My problem with RuneScape sport is that as well as the absence of assistance from jagex

My problem with RuneScape sport is that as well as the absence of assistance from jagex


I've dabbled a little in Runescape way back when and that I think made an account on OSRS sooner or later. As an off and on osrs gold paypal casual player I'd say it is in a state. It's certainly not for everybody. But If you want true sandbox experience with a massive world and more things to do than you could possibly have time for then I'd look it over. Should you enjoyed it move on to members to get a ridiculous amount of content till you complete the quest dragon slayer then I'd start off with F2P.

My problem with RuneScape sport is that as well as the absence of assistance from jagex. Probably the MMO dev I know that will say no more to giving your account back if it prohibited and had been hacked. The only time I have ever heard of these giving the accounts together with all the golden back is when a jmod was leaking people's information to hackers.If you are lucky you can get your account back but never gold. I honestly wonder what is going in jagex through the upper management's heads sometimes. I doubt it's a decision from the jmods tbh. The main reason RuneScape game functions is them not adding stuff unless the community votes it.

I do not mind that. I remember submitting an appeal I haven't utilized for 11 out of those 13 years. Signed in only to find out that it had been banned for using macros in 2016. Stated I did not even care whether the character was deleted I simply wanted my accounts back so that I could play together with my"main" account. They said no, so I just ended up starting over and creating a new account. I learned never to trust Jagex as it came to account support. Don't even understand why hackers might want my account back then, aside from being older it was basically a noob account together with the highest stat probably being in the 20-30s.

Well yeah, if you refuse the two quests and grind afterward RuneScape game isn't for you. But there is indeed a ridiculous quantity of content. The map is enormous with a bunch places requiring unique traversal/skill levels/achievement, things like treasure paths, Barrows, Castle Wars and other miniature games, collectibles (quest points, bank/items, guild unlocks, songs ), playing the market to create millions. Some skills need to be unlocked or developed with undertaking specific quests or venturing to specific lands, many of the quests are very lengthy, in depth, multi part and renowned for difficulty. If you do not like grind or questing then you are going to get bored relatively early. However, RuneScape game is brimming with more content than the typical player could hope to complete.

Absolutely. As a fairly devout participant who picked up about a year prior to the launch that is cellular, I could state that OSRS in it's current form is that the Golden Age of RuneScape game. If you enjoy Runescape once you played it back you are going to LOVE OSRS as it is now. The economy is great, the quests are amazing, there's TONS to do and accomplish. It's the experience you recall having as a kid. And you can certainly do it on your cell phone. The grind never has to stop. Community can be buy RS gold pretty hazardous. Gamers are currently grinding amounts or items hard. Playing on ironman mode or ultimate ironman or hardcore could be rewarding. Set goals and achieve what you would like, if you want. Perform RuneScape game the way you would like to, not based on whatever is most efficient.