I played pso2 for the very first time as it came out in NA and I'm enjoying it

I played pso2 for the very first time as it came out in NA and I'm enjoying it


I played pso2 for the very first time as it came out in NA and I'm enjoying it. Never played any of the games or anything alike. I'm not a lover of anime. Phantasy Star Online 2 got a lot of new hype with its release and I dont think half of people are pso2 sales able to attribute their pleasure. It's just a well made game with fun battle and a lot of customization that distinguishes itself from other mmos.I always had difficulty recommending mmos generally due to their massive time eating requirements, while it is to grab, stay applicable, or to farm only for trend. A lot of folks do not enjoy the idea of spending at the moment that is immediate or just can not a game. Setup difficulties, outdated/bad UI navigation, as well as the feeling you get when you begin Phantasy Star Online 2 sure didn't help it.

I had been thinking of placing this at the overall question thread but after a great deal of googling'm not finding much, or not applicable to NA, so I thought if someone is searching like I was that a separate post might help later on. Character customization is indeed trendy in Phantasy Star Online 2 but I'm not sure where to start. I am approaching lvl 40 today so perhaps I am too low level (I don't know if level affects ability or resources needed to begin playing dress up) but I was wondering if anyone knows of a guide which compiles information on makeup, either via advice or graphics or both, or if you could offer any information about what money is required (is it mostly money store, loot drops, or other in game currencies/tickets etc.. )

For NA, the official forum is nice, Fiona's thread in particular. Bumped is excellent, but it's JP. If you are OK with that and don't mind some digging there or here (or style spoilers), you'll find a good deal of excellent info on published and likely future stuff. Are also the scratch ticket previews in game and this website, although I have been searching for a guide that is cosmetic. As currency, you can buy messeta being used by most outfits on the player store for. In case you have sufficient star stone, you can buy the cosmetics which are extended in the fresh finds store.

If you want to"preview" what the fresh finds shop is offering, this forum thread may come in handy. I dont know if im not searching correctly or if nobody has it up for sale but im hoping to buy the bath towel that is feminine at the spring up romantica scrape, does things ever return in scrape? If you're using the search function, spell out the name entirely and properly (eg no missing words/ punctuation). Might just be that no one is selling them so provide is limited, because they came.

. AFAIK is not known by anybody. You has already been in NA? Can't locate it in NA Bumped.

PSO2 is buy meseta pso2 eating my own system alive